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As a mother of infinite influence and potential, you have the power to redesign yourself and become the woman you want to be.

I’ll show you how.

Midlife is the perfect time to use the experience and knowledge you already have to make the most of your life.

Midlife can be brutal

But let’s be honest.
being a mother of adult children can be brutal.

Rather than feeling hopeful, you might be feeling lost.

You could be facing tough challenges such as divorce or an empty nest. You may feel as though you’ve lost your purpose or your identity.

Redesigning yourself might be the last thing on your mind. But I want to show you that it’s never too late to be the happiest version of you.

That’s why I’ve created my program, Mother of Influence.

In Mother of Influence, you’ll learn that no matter what life has thrown at you, your future is abundant—full of purpose, love, and grace.

My four Elements of Influence will uncover the most inspiring and influential mother you truly are inside. You’ll learn how to

And you’d better believe that we’ll be building a community of amazing, like-minded Latter-day Saint women who are also in the process of embracing their highest version of themselves within!

One of my favorite parts of this work is connecting with women like you, having a blast, and enjoying some of the finer things in life!

redesigning you

Next Level Motherhood

A powerful 6-week course of bite-sized daily videos to give you the tools to navigate this new level of motherhood in the best way for both you and your adult children. 

Made for More Retreat

During this 3-day retreat, you’ll discover more about yourself and become a stronger influence with your adult children than ever.

Motherhood Breakthrough Intensive

My Premium, Results-driven, Coaching Program that will transform your life and relationships with your adult children in 6 months.

love your midlife self

If you’re ready to love your midlife self and build a bright future, let’s connect.

Is a big change on the horizon?
Are you unsure of your purpose now?
Has your child made choices you really dislike?

Whatever you want to talk about, I’m here for you.

Just click the button below to work with me.

I want to show you what’s possible in midlife. And help you embrace your beautiful soul and incredible potential.

Working with a coach might sound like another task on a never-ending to-do list.

Midlife is an unbelievably busy stage. We women are pulled in many directions: children, adult children, sons, daughter in laws, grandkids, parents, school, work, Church callings . . . the list goes on.

As a result, your mental health often ends up on the back burner.

But why should it? When you are mentally and emotionally healthy, you’re at your best. You have so much more to give to those in your life.

Working with a coach is working on your mental health. Your outlook will improve. Your ability to work toward your goals will grow.

working with a coach
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maybe you're thinking

Maybe you’re thinking,

“Sure, Susie. This all sounds great, but I’m dealing with some really hard stuff, and coaching won’t make a difference.”

It’s true that if you’re in midlife, you have been through it. And you’re still not done. Yes, there’s a lot to feel discouraged about.

But the good news is that you can make your life better, no matter what.

Through coaching, you’ll learn how much control you do have in your life. You will find fulfillment, peace, and purpose despite your circumstances.

I redesigned myself the hard way, out of desperation. But I want you to have a different experience.

I have so much empathy for mothers of adult children who struggle. I know the disappointment of feeling that blessings we’ve been promised haven’t happened like we thought they would.

That’s why I’ve combined my passion for life coaching with my experience as a midlife Latter-day Saint mom. I want to help women like you love the stage you’re in now, and look forward to the future.

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