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Embrace the mother of influence
you are today.

no clue what the future holds

You’re no longer that fresh-faced girl with no clue what the future holds.

By this point, you’ve experienced enough life to become stronger and wiser than you could have imagined back then.

And you have earned a set of unique strengths and qualities that are precious to God and to the people in your life. Just for fun, let’s find out what qualities set you apart. Celebrate the woman you are at this very moment!

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About Susie Funk

Just as I was approaching midlife, I faced some
unexpected challenges: my baby daughter’s passing and my son’s diagnosis with Angelman’s syndrome.

I didn’t understand. As a Latter-day Saint mother, I had done everything “right.” But now it felt like the life I had always wanted was out of reach.

After years of struggle and searching, I redesigned my life. And I discovered who I was meant to be in midlife.

Turns out that I was meant to be an empathetic,
purpose-driven woman. And I found my mission as a Certified Life Coach: 

to help midlife Latter-day Saint women understand who they truly are and redesign their lives.

I created my Mother of Influence program to show you how to be the happiest, most fulfilled, and most gorgeous version of you.

It would be my honor to help you embrace your truth as an impactful & inspirational mother!

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