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About Susie Funk

A commitment to the family. Eternal families has always been and always will be my passion. I’ll help you discover your happiest self while strengthening the most important relationships you have.

As a wife of 34 years and a mother of eight children, I’ve lived through heartaches and miracles.

My husband and I buried our seventh child, a daughter, when she was just a week old. Our next child, a son, was diagnosed at age two with Angleman’s syndrome.

To the outside world, I had everything together. But under the surface I felt frumpy and worn out. And I was a hot mess of fear and anxiety, especially about the future.

I was quickly approaching midlife.
Things were definitely not going as planned.

I had done everything “right.” I was a faithful Latter-day Saint. I had served and mothered and followed the commandments.

What was happening?

as a wife of 33 years
this is my life now

I thought, “Well, I guess this is my life now.” But deep down I knew it could be better.

I just needed to figure out how.

It’s not in my genes to give up. So I took a course on resilience and a workshop on vision boards. Read positive-thinking books. Learned everything I could about health. Got certified to teach yoga.

And I realized I didn’t have to feel frumpy. It wasn’t too late for me to live a life of beauty and style—on the inside and out.

Then, after a decade of pushing forward, I found coaching. This was a game changer. Now, I’m a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School.

You don’t have to settle
for an unfulfilling life—I didn’t.

Life coaching is future-focused. It’s for people like us: talented, capable women who just need the right tools to improve their lives.

When you work with me, we will grow the power you already have inside you—the power to change your life.

You’ll decide how you want to show up, and together we’ll get you there. And most importantly, we’ll have fun!

you don't have to settle

I show up as a Woman of Influence

In midlife, I redesigned myself and my life into something beautiful. Things are not perfect, of course, but my life is luxurious in all the best ways: my family relationships are strong, my home is a haven, and I’m at peace.

Before, I felt frumpy and disillusioned. Now I truly feel like the leader of my life and a force for good in the world, deserving of the best life has to offer.

And I would be honored to help you feel the same. That’s why I’ve created my program, Mother of Influence.

Don’t wait another minute to Reinvent Yourself! Book a free discovery call with me. Together we’ll take you from disillusioned to delighted.

I’m ready to start

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