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Quiz: What Type of Influence Are You?

When you truly know who you are, everything in your sphere of influence changes.

If you’re here, you’re most likely a Latter-day Saint mom doing her best in midlife but possibly second guessing everything.

And yet, you are so much more and continue to have a powerful influence on your family

You’re a Woman of Influence

Yes, you.

Sure, you’re still in progress. But you’re divine anyway.

As a mother and a woman, you have the ability to cultivate a life of beauty, style, and meaning.

You’ve made plans and dreamed dreams. Worked and sacrificed.

But by midlife some of your best plans have fallen through. Certain dreams haven’t come true. You’re struggling to find a purpose.

Cue the shame, disillusionment, and discouragement. You feel lost. You feel invisible.

I know because that was me, too. I see you

And I’m here to show you that, no matter how you feel right now, you are a force for goodness and love.

You are a gorgeous, fabulous woman who deserves the finest life has to offer:

Fulfilling pursuits.
Better health.
Solid relationships.
And—of course—style, glamour, and fun!

Sounds amazing, right? But, you might be thinking, that’s just not me.

That’s okay. The first step to becoming the honored, adored and impactful mother you’ve always wanted to be is to embrace who you are today.

And who are you? What kind of influence have you already had in the lives of your children? Let’s find out!

Just for fun—download my free quiz, “What Type of Influence Are You?”

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Hi! I’m Susie.

I’ll help you see yourself as the inspirational and influential mother you are. And I’ll show you how to strengthen your relationships with your grown children and continue to be a force for goodness in the lives of your family for years to come.

Like many Latter-day Saint moms, by the time you’ve reached midlife you’ve spent years following the “recipe”:

Now you’re wondering why the soufflé came out flat.

You’ve mixed the ingredients with care, but your life isn’t the showstopper you were expecting.

Instead, you’re dealing with disappointments like the following:

Of course you’re feeling disillusioned.

You’ve faced challenges you never even imagined as a fresh-faced young mom rearing to go. Believe me—I know.

It took years of struggle, but I learned that it’s never too late to rediscover who you truly are and then reinvent yourself and your life to match your dreams.

Now it’s my honor to share what I’ve learned with other Latter-day Saint moms who are feeling lost during midlife.

That’s why I’ve created my program, Mother of Influence

I can’t wait to show you how to design the life that you’ve always wanted, become respected, honored and influential on the people you love the most.

You are capable, tried-and-true, and you’ve made it through so much already. Celebrate who you are in this moment!

You might feel a little worse for wear, but as a mother of infinite influence, you’re more than your appearance or accomplishments. You’re a beautiful soul—of so much worth, value and importance.

Everyone’s soul is unique. So take a fun moment and quiz yourself to discover what type of influence you have had and are having right now.

Then let’s start planning for your amazing future. Are you ready?

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